19-22 June 2024

PVD Coating Tech for Luxury Jewelry & Watch Enhances Beauty & Durability


• PVD coating is a popular technique used to create a variety of colors and finishes on luxury jewelry and luxury watch components.

• This vacuum coating process involves depositing a thin layer of material, such as chromium, titanium, or gold, onto the surface of luxury jewelry and watch components.

• The advantages of PVD coatings include the wide range of colors, durability, and resistance to corrosion and scratches.



The PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating has revolutionized the world of luxury watches as it offers seemingly endless possibilities to designers, craftsmen, as well as watch enthusiasts and collectors. This state-of-the-art technology allows for a thin but is incredibly durable layer to be applied on various metal surfaces such as jewelry, luxury watch cases and other components. The process involves condensing atoms or molecules from a gas or vapor under vacuum, then PVD creates coatings with thicknesses ranging from 1 to 3 micrometers.


PVD coating involves the condensation of vaporized material onto the surface of jewelry or watches. This technique makes the workpiece shiny and resistant to scratches, all of which were common problems in traditional metal finishing. PVD coatings help maintain the appearance and color of the surface over time, so it remains like new without the need for frequent polishing or maintenance. This process acts as a protective shield of the underlying metal from wear and tear. It also acts as a moisture barrier, so the integrity of the watch is preserved, and reliable performance is ensured. As a result, the watches will last for a long time with minimally diminished appearance.



Meanwhile, PVD coating provides a smooth and uniform surface finish that is unmatched by traditional methods. This high-quality finish enhances the overall look of luxury jewelry and watches while also giving it a premium feel. This coating technique is available in many colors such as black, gold, and rose gold, all of which help increase the beauty of the product.


The Swiss company called Positive Coating has launched the world’s first unique watch component gradient technology which has been adopted by many renowned watch makers. Zenith has used this technique on their Defy 21 Felipe Pantone limited edition. Tudor Heritage Black Bay Dark has been using the PVD-coated steel case to achieve a mysterious and mysterious look for their watches. Hublot, the brand known for its innovative designs and materials, uses PVD coating on popular collections such as the Big Bang and Classic Fusion so these watches often have a black or colored PVD coating that enhance their sporty appearance and luxurious look. The brand Rolex may not use PVD coating on all of their watches, but some limited models do have PVD coating. Companies such as Bamford Watch Department and Project X offers custom-made Rolex watches with PVD coating which gives the classic collections such as Submariner and Daytona their unique and modern look. TAG Heuer has been incorporating PVD coatings into their collections such as the Carrera and Monaco to give them benefits of scratch-resistant and shiny surface. The same applies to Omega which uses PVD coating on some of their high-end watches including the Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon collection which features a black ceramic case, thus combining durability with outstanding looks.



Most importantly, PVD coating is a more environmentally friendly process when compared with traditional metal surface finishing methods. This is because PVD does not create any hazardous waste and the materials used are often recyclable. This makes PVD a sustainable choice for both consumers and the environment.


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